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Formulation of Brief & Client Need Interpretation

AVA provides a team-based approach to Architecture/Interiors that achieve design excellence using a collaborative process. By applying a diverse set of creative talents, AVA the energy and imagination of clients, staff, and other team members to create architecture that is both practical and meaningful. This approach best serves clients who seek high quality architectural design that makes optimum use of resources, and who seek a design process that respects, articulates, and fulfils their values and goals. Our step by step approaches make the whole into Architectural beauty.

  • Site Evaluation & Assessment

    With both the quantity and quality of our natural resources strained, land development requires evolving strategies to keep pace with a rapidly changing Government regulatory environment.
    AVA is here to help you “jump all the hurdles” and succeed in making your dream for a project into reality. Our team of engineers, surveyors, planners, and landscape architects offers a complete range of services to support your residential, office, or commercial development needs from feasibility analysis through construction. AVA will help you balance the myriad of potentially conflicting concerns: environmental and financial considerations; public and private interests; practicality and aesthetics.

  • Feasibility Studies

    A feasibility study will give the property owner an understanding of the various development options for a building site knowing they have been researched and considered.
    A typical feasibility study includes:
    Preparation of a brief
    Options prepared considering number of floors required and mixed use of commercial/residential floors.
    Options assessed and compared
    An understanding of the project scope at this early stage of planning will provide a roadmap to achieving a successful building project.

  • Design Parameters Formulation

    Parametric design techniques offer obvious advantages for engineering and manufacturing processes, now Architects emerge to apply these methods in their creation of design suggesting solutions at an earlier stage of the process. Through the coupling of architectural design with parametric modelling methods, the paper presents novel techniques that enhance Architects’ contribution to building processes based on parametric design creation. This allows a deeper comprehension of the design objectives and aids designers in their decisions to find solutions.

  • Concept Designs & Evolution of Ideas

    What It Is and What It Does?
    A concept represents more than a solution; it poses a way of thinking about a design problem while proposing a set of objectives while implying potential exclusions. It is a route to be taken while excluding potential detours. The concept initiates the action of design.
    Versus Ideas
    While a concept might originate with an idea or set of ideas, an observation, or a prejudice that is personal to the designer, these ideas alone rarely motivate a production. In order to have a productive value, an architectural concept should eventually result in an observation that can be shared with a larger audience. And, while intrinsically an abstraction, a concept also differs from an idea in that it has an obligation to suggest an image or a thing, since it must inevitably lead to a constructive proposition.

  • Approximate Project Cost Estimations

    Accurately forecasting the cost of future projects is vital to the survival of any business or organization contemplating future construction. Cost estimators develop the cost information that business owners or managers, professional design team members, and construction contractors need to make budgetary and feasibility determinations. From an Owner’s perspective the cost estimate may be used to determine the project scope or whether the project should proceed. The construction contractor’s cost estimate will determine the construction bid or whether the company will bid on the construction contract.

  • Design Development leading to Finalization

    AVA Designers work as part of an integrated team focused on specific client and project types. Regularly combining their skill-sets, knowledge-base, and market expertise with our other design professionals not only increases team efficiency but also has allowed us to provide solutions that capture the unique spirit of each place. In AVA WE Design, Development and Execution go simultaneously. Each phase is constructed as it is being designed, with details being refined as the process advances. Through a close alliance between the owner, designer, and contractor that promotes collaboration and communication, the design-build approach allows an otherwise lengthy and costly project to be compressed into a manageable timeframe without increasing its budget.

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